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Top 5 Things NOT To Do After You Have Applied For A Home Loan  As a mortgage loan officer I get asked, "Now that I have my application completed is there anything that I shouldn’t do?" With being asking so many times I have come up with Top 5 things to NOT do after you have applied for a home loan.

5. Don’t delay in providing requested information. Delays in providing information can delay your loan approval and closing.

4. Don’t move your money around. Your lender will need documentation of all large deposits and/or transfers of funds.

3. Don’t throw away any pay stubs, bank statements, etc. Your lender may need updated documentation.

No New Car

2. Don’t buy appliances, furniture, a new car etc. Your credit maybe monitored up until the time of your closing and any credit inquires or new debts can affect your loan approval and/or postpone or cancel closing!

1. Don’t change jobs, quit your job or become self-employed. Changes to employment or income can affect loan approval.

Number 1 thing TO DO:

Contact your mortgage loan officer immediately should anything unexpected occur related to your employment, income, savings or other funds to your purchase or any time you have questions.

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