Thanksgiving is a time when families gather together to enjoy a wonderful feast and to enjoy being with each other. In our family it is also a meaningful time to reflect on the blessings and remember that our God has always been faithful in our lives.  Many families will go around the dinner table and each one will share what they are thankful for and how God has blessed them in the past year.

Thanksgiving, Family, praying

A Little Perspective

Thanksgiving has always been a really special time for our family, filled with more food than we can possibly eat and meaningful memories made together.  Several years ago our church started what we call "The Brown Bag Event".  This is where we have a shopping list attached to a brown paper bag.  Everyone is encouraged to take the grocery list and shop for the items on the list.  These are items that are needed to prepare a Thanksgiving meal.  Our church collects these bags for several weeks and the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the members of our church deliver these bags to people that would not have a Thanksgiving meal if we had not had our Brown Bag Event.  

When we deliver the food, it is amazing to see the faces of the needy people that receive the bags of grocery.  You would truly think it were Christmas from the joy all over these people faces.

Once when I delivered the bagged food I remember being told that the family did not have food and would not have a Thanksgiving meal had it not been for the giving, loving people of our church. It was then I realized just how much I can take for granted.  

I can honestly say, I have never thought "Where is my next meal coming from?" I have always had food to eat and never worried about my next meal.  God has truly blessed my family.  I'm not saying, I have not had worries and that I've always exactly what I wanted to eat. But God has ALWAYS been faithful and my family needs have always been met.  

After all the bags of groceries are delivered, our church family come together for our Thanksgiving Celebration, "The Dinner Table".  Here we celebrate that God provided a way for us to help people in need and that the many families will get to share a meal with their family on Thanksgiving.

During "The Dinner Table" we enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with our church family.  We share our stories of the deliveries to the families, we laugh and stuff ourselves with food. But it always seems that the usual expressions of thanks comes from a deeper place within our hearts. 

This Thanksgiving Holiday, I hope you and your family will have a wonderful time with loved ones, great food, and a wonderful time of sharing and making beautiful memories.  But let's all remember to praise God for the many blessings he has given us!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!