Let's take a few minutes and take a look at what's happening in the Milton Real Estate Market.  Here you will find home sales and inventory for each of the Milton zip codes.

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Close Price to List Price Ratio

        -We are still in a Seller's Market!

Low Inventory usually means a home can sell for full price and sometimes more.  This is great news for Sellers.  Find a home can be quite challenging for the home buyer.  It is very important to work closely with your Realtor.  Your Realtor can set you up on a listing alert. When set up on an alert, when homes come on the market you can receive an email, letting you know a home has either come on the market, a price has changed on a home with your criteria or a home has closed that was with your criteria.  If you are planning to buy a home, I would love to be your Realtor.  I will get you set up on the alerts.  Not only will I set you up on an alert but I will also have the same emails sent to myself.  Why do I do this, you ask?  I do this to try to ensure my customers have the best shot available to see the newly listed homes as soon as possible. Hopefully before other sellers.  Shortage of Inventory can bring multiple offers.  I try to ensure my customers has a fair chance at getting the house they are waiting on.


Month                                        Close Price to Original Price Ratio

January                                               95.6%

February                                             96.8%                                           

March                                                  94%

April                                                    97%

May                                                     96%



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Median Days to Sell

Month                                      Days to Sell, Median

January                                            37

February                                          71

March                                              44

April                                                40

May                                                 99


Expired Listings

How does a listing expire in a very low inventory market?

It could be many reason.  It could be a lot of competition in that particular neighborhood, other homes could show better, and have a more attractive price.


Homes with tenants, cluttered, not maintained or has offensive odors may be difficult to sell.

Price is usually the largest factor.


Month                                    Expired Listings, Number of

January                                                           8

February                                                         5

March                                                             6

 April                                                              2

May                                                                5

As you can see there are not many homes that are expiring.  Most are selling pretty quick.  With low inventory there are no but a few homes for buyers to choose from.  Most of today's buyers are watching the market so when the home that matches their criteria comes available to sell they are ready to schedule a showing in hopes of beating the other buyers who are also just waiting for it to hit the market.


List Price to Square Foot Ratio

Prices in Milton are fluctuating.

Month                                 List Price by SqFt Ratio    

January                                                      $120 (new construction competition)

February                                                     $114  (new construction competition)

March                                                         $100

April                                                           $105  

May                                                            $


Median List Price    

Removing the highest priced and the lowest priced home in Milton Florida, we arrived at the median price for the area.

Month                                List Price, Median

January                                                     $254,048

February                                                    $271,725

March                                                        $214,900

April                                                          $227,900  

May                                                           $199,000   


Months of Inventory  

January                                                    71    

February                                                   87

March                                                      126

April                                                        201

May                                                         261


Number of New Listings

Month                                                 New Listings, Number of

January                                                                              16

February                                                                            16

March                                                                                32

April                                                                                  62

May                                                                                   71


Median Sale Price                              Sold Listing, Median Price

January                                                                             $169,000                                                                     

February                                                                            $163,400

March                                                                                $175,000

April                                                                                  $164,757

May                                                                                   $169,900


Total Home Sales

January                                           55                                                                  

February                                          57

March                                              85

April                                                83

May                                                 99


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